Play Just Dance on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Whatever your career we all need to get some exercise and it is not always easy to find a good place to workout or to find a fun workout that is inexpensive. Since the kids were little my wife has always enjoyed playing Just Dance as an easy and inexpensive way to work out at home. When the kids were little she orginally played on the Nintendo Wii and the kids were able to play along. What a win-win since she got a little break and was still able to keep the kids occupied. Recently the Wii finally died and she did not really want to buy a Switch since the kids are pretty grown now. She recently got a subscription to Just Dance Now for $24.99 per year via the Google Play Store. This allows you to play the game with a large library of songs by using your phone as the controller and then casting the video to another screen via Chromecast. 

She was having a lot of issues as we have an older Chormecast and it kept disconnecting all the time. After getting totally frustrated she was about to give up when our daughter said "There is a browser on the Fire TV just go to the website and use it that way." At first my wife was like no that is not going to work, but after a little research this was a great plan. Just Dance Now will let you use any computer or tablet as the screen by just going to the website Once you hit play it will take you to a dance room you can join via the app on your phone. Just like with Chromecast you use your phone as the controller and watch the game via the browser on whatever screen you are using. One thing she has found is that there was a lag via the network when using the Chromecast. Now she uses the browser on the Fire TV, there is not a lag on screen and her scores are higher. 

There is one simple setting you will need to adjust to get this to work for you on the Fire TV. On your Fire TV click on the Internet app. In the url bar input: When you first go there the website will not work. In the browser menu across the top is an icon that looks like and old console TV. Click that button. The changes the setting to "Request Desktop Sites". The page refreshes and you will get an Accept screen. Click ACCEPT. Now the play button will show up and you can play the game right on your TV without a console. I was really impressed how easy this was and surprised I could not find these instructions on the internet. You can play two games for free each day without a subscription so have fun trying it for free!


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