Activities for Kids that Teach Fire Safety

With lots of kids home for an extended period of time, parents have been looking for worksheets and online activities to do. Don't forget that fire safety is something many kids learn at school and with schools closed now is a great time to download fire safety activity sheets or watch some learning videos online. What about a fire drill? Many adults are not even sure how they would get out of the house if there was a fire blocking the stairs or their bedroom door. Ask your kids to setup the escape routes and meeting points for your house. You will be surprised at some of the great ideas the kids will have plus it will allow you to assess whether or not the kids and yourself actually have a plan you can execute in case of a fire in the house. Here are some great resources you can use for free. is a site setup by the UL Fire Safety Research Institute discussing the importance of closing your bedroom door at night. Due to the abundance of synthetic materials in our houses, fires spread much more quickly then they did in the past. They recommend closing the door as a way to reduce the spread of a fire and reduce the toxic fumes. The site has some videos and a coloring activity page you can print for the kids.

NFSC, Inc.'s "Free Downloads & Online Resource Center" offers FREE special materials available online only. Many of these resources have been designed as companions to specific sets of materials and can be used to reward children for learning important fire safety lessons. They are available as downloadable PDF files free of charge and may be printed or duplicated in reasonable quantities by fire departments, teachers, or parents for educational purposes. On the site there are a couple of coloring pages as well as printable certificates. Why not give the kids a little reward after your fire drill and give them a printed certificate.

US Fire Administration has some great Sesame Street Fire Safety downloads. You may not know that more than half of child fire deaths are among children age 4 or younger – making them an important audience for fire prevention and education. The Sesame Street Fire Safety Program curriculum for preschoolers is available in both English and Spanish.


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