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Fire Engine Driving Experience

Have you ever wanted to drive a fire engine? Of course you have or maybe you already do but would like to drive a European model. I found this website the other day that offers driving experiences. Spend an hour with an experienced instructor and firefighter, learn how to manoeuvre, safely and quickly, around a specially laid out course including top gear main roads, roundabouts, T- junctions, slaloms, garages etc. To make things as realistic as possible the vehicle will be carrying a full equipment load and carrying 2 tons of water, plenty to go at with the hose! Locations: Lincolnshire (Manby, nr Louth). Price: £ 175.00. They also have a lot of other cool vehicle experiences like the double decker bus and a tank. If you are going to be in the UK, check it out.

Fire Extinguisher Training Digital Simulator

HotShot's self-generating digital flames respond directly to the trainee's actions. Using BullEx's™ compressed air and water SmartExtinguishers™, users interact dynamically with HotShot's digital fire.

Dash Cam Video Trooper Fight

OHP released the dash cam footage of the trooper involved in a scuffle with a paramedic. I can not believe all of this went on with a patient in the rear of the ambulance. The police need to understand that depending on the patient's medical condition, the ambulance may not be running lights and siren. Even more stupid is the fact that the Trooper's wife was riding in the patrol car so they could "spend time together". Check out this video and you decide if this trooper needs to get fired.